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REVIEW: And Then There Were None

“The blessed relief when you know that you’ve done with it all – that you haven’t got to carry the burden any longer. You’ll feel that too someday…”


What can I say which hasn’t already been said about Christie? Particularly this book, probably one of her best or most well-known. What I will say is that she clearly seems to be the master of ‘who-dun-it?’. Even though I knew, I was still questioning myself throughout the novel and trying to work it out. This is why her work is genius, she never leaves you disappointed.

It’s almost in a similar vein to They Both Die at the End. The further into the book, the more the island’s guests realise they’re going to die. How does anyone cope with that situation? We don’t know, but one thing I do know is that we’re programmed to want to survive, so whether you’d ever truly accept it is difficult to say.

This book is a great, easy and enjoyable read – sometimes that’s just the ticket.

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