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REVIEW: Annihilation

“There were no reasons so mighty that they could override the desire to be in accord with the tides and the passage of seasons and the rhythms underlying everything around me.”


Who hasn’t heard of this by now? Well before I knew it was being turned into a film by Netflix, I saw the trilogy featured on a table in the sci-fi section of a bookshop and they coloured me intrigued. I plunged into the first one and didn’t regret it.

It’s a strange one because I normally hate it when all my questions aren’t answered but this wasn’t the case here. The story worked and felt neat. It’s always refreshing to have a book full of women just being people, rather than being defined by their gender so that was a real plus. I do plan to read the other two in the trilogy at some point, but I didn’t feel the need to drive straight into the second one – take that as a good or bad thing depending on your reading style.

Nicely written novella and perfect for a sci-fi lover or someone who likes an odd dip into the genre.

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