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REVIEW: Depression (Vintage Minis)

“It may require on the part of friends, lovers, family, admirers, an almost religious devotion to persuade the suffers of life’s worth, which is so often in conflict with a sense of their own worthlessness, but such devotion has prevented countless suicides.”


I chose this particular quote out of many different ones which I could pick out of this book because of how well it explains the commitment of my friends and family to helping me. Sometimes, when my brain stops thinking about how much I suck, I consider how hard it must be to watch someone you love suffer from depression and beat themselves up so much on a daily basis. So this feeble little book review is dedicated to them, and most importantly to the love of my life – Sam.

This book is part of a new Penguin series of little extracts about certain topics and is an abridged version of the full book Darkness Visible by William Styron. His words are very powerful and even though it was written decades ago, it still resonates with current societal reactions to depression and mental illness.

I’m very precious about my books – keeping them in pristine condition for as long as I can, but with this little memoir, I felt compelled to get out my pencil and start underlining. Now I can flick through it when I feel alone and find those snippets of writing which remind me that depression is an illness which lots of people suffer and recover from. Because like he notes – “by far the great majority of the people who go through even the severest depression survive it” and plan to follow in their footsteps.

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