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REVIEW: Doing It!: Let's Talk About Sex

“Sorry if you believe in true love, I’m a hopeless romantic too, but I’m also a realist and wear my cynicism like armour.”


The sex education manual. Now, I came to this book as a fellow 20-something trying to make it the world and I am so proud of Hannah Witton. I don’t know her, but well done girl. You did it and you’re empowering so many women and girls; keep it up!

Which is partly why I’m really sad to only give the book 3 stars. When I compare the book with others that I have read on this topic, it just doesn’t meet up. Animal by Sara Pascoe and Girl Up by Laura Bates were just on another level, which unfortunately wasn’t reached by Doing It.

But I really did enjoy the book. I loved the orgasm/masturbation talk; we need more of that so that women can own their own sexual pleasure. I loved the LGBTQ+ section and appreciated her effort to give other people a voice, rather than white-cis-splain issues she can’t experience herself.

It’s definitely worth a read, and I’m so glad we have so many great inspiring women writing so powerfully about these issues. Hannah Witton’s book is adding another well-needed young voice to the collective on women’s rights and sexual liberation.

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