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REVIEW: He is Mine and I Have No Other

“I tried to write to him, but I just ended up writing his name over and over again until the paper was scratched through.”


Once I read the blurb of this one, I knew I’d have to read it because there were a lot of similar themes to a novel that I’m planning myself. I got straight into it and stormed through it in only a couple of days. I did enjoy it, but my main criticism of this book is that I didn’t feel like the characters were properly developed. I never felt like I truly understood them, and perhaps that is partly down to the brevity of the novel.

I’m glad I read it because of my own novel, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. It kind of felt like I’d watched a couple of episodes of a TV show but never enough to feel like I knew enough about what was going on or what the characters were like.

That said, it did express some truth about teenage love and culture in Ireland, I just wish it had reached a little deeper.

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*Please note that this book was given to me free-of-charge by the publisher.


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