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REVIEW: How Not To Be a Boy

“My brain is hosting one of the first contests in what will be come a regular fixture: feminism vs the patriarchy”


I would consider myself quite the connoisseur of feminist non-fiction books, having been on a diet of them for many years now, but this is the first that has been written by a man. Obviously, this is an autobiography so it’s primary goal is to share the life of the author, but it still complements the plight of women’s equality.

I very much appreciated his candor and lack of defensiveness in the tone of his writing. Even men who consider themselves feminist can get defensive about the patriarchy because our culture has trained them to do just that. But this was a breath of fresh air. A particularly resonant part for me was his experiences related to his sexuality – being a bi man married to a woman.

Both my boyfriend and I listened to this book together on Audible, so I thought I’d add something from his perspective to this review too.

“I thought there were some really important points for every young boy to hear and while the biographical element took over a bit in some places (expected for an autobiography) it still gave me insights lots of various things, especially as a white, straight man. ”

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