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REVIEW: Louis & Louise

"Because water freezes, flows and changes - rivers divert, lakes flood, streams wear away the soil - but it stays the same."


The concept of this book was very intriguing: two lives played out in an alternative reality where one is born male and the other is born female. As soon as I read this, I knew it would be right up my street.

The book was very enjoyable and readable. There were a few very special moments where Cohen adeptly showed how we treat genders differently and it was in these moments where the book really fulfilled it's promise. Having said that, the difference between genders wasn't the focus of the book which I assumed it would be. Of course, the whole point is two lives treated differently, but it also addressed family dynamics and complex relationships.

It was definitely worth a read so I'd recommend to anyone who fancies it.

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*Please note that this book was given to me free-of-charge by the publisher.


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