• Kate

REVIEW: Nasty Women

“There are so many rules that come with being a girl that you forget sometimes that these rules are fictitious patriarchal bullshit.”


I don’t really know how to feel about this. I read it in audiobook form and it took me ages to finish. On the one hand, it was handy to be able to just dip into each different chapter/essay for 10-20 mins and then pick it back up two weeks later, but it struggled with the flow.

Although, undoubtedly, this is an eye-opening read. What I loved most about it, and why it’s received four stars from me, is it’s commitment to diversity of voices. Feminism is not feminism without intersectionality, and I really learned a lot about other women’s experiences. This book definitely deserves a place on the to-read shelf of any woman committed to gender equality.

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