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REVIEW: Normal People by Sally Rooney

"His appearance is like a favourite piece of music to her, sounding a little different each time she hears it."


If you haven't heard of this book already, then where have you been? Rooney's Normal People has been long/shortlisted for almost every major literature award going and as much as I did enjoy it, I'm still not quite sure why it's earned so many accolades.

Now before you attack me, I want to point out that I gave it 4 stars. It was very good, and I did really enjoy reading it. It kept my interest, it was easy and engaging to read and I pained throughout at the fact that Connell and Marianne's main problem was that they didn't communicate enough and/or very well.

I suppose this is just inevitable with literary awards - they raise expectation too high. I'm not sure any single novel is good enough to be nominated for this many awards anyway. But, all that being said, it was a very good book. You shouldn't be too disappointed when you read it, it's still a very engrossing story of love, life, teenagedom/millenialness and family shit. Worth reading.

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