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REVIEW: Red Clocks

“She knew—it was her job as a teacher of history to know—how many horrors are legitimated in public daylight, against the will of most of the people.” 


I was so excited about this book that I pre-ordered it! Set in present-day future (ish) Oregon just after abortion is criminalised nationally, along with IVF and adoption for anyone other than couples.

What is scary, is that this isn’t really a dystopia because it’s legitimately a possibility. Leni Zumas wrote creatively and really tested what it means to be a woman in the western world. What I loved was how she wove a story which emphasised the importance of bodily autonomy on women’s general freedom and choice.

The chapters focussing on the mender were a little bizarre at times but I understand that reflected the character. If you’re interested in feminist literature, political fiction or dystopia then this book is spot on. Read it!

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