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REVIEW: Sunny Side Up: A Story of Kindness and Joy

“This book you’re reading now, though, isn’t set in the gritty world of pound shops; this book is all real.”


Oh, Susan! This book is just a joy to read. It's the embodiment of kindness and it made me smile all the way through.

There is something about the way Susan Calman writes that feels like a giant hug is wrapped around you. In this book, Susan talks about why we all need a little more joy and kindness in our lives and communities.

It wasn't quite as amazing as Cheer Up Love but that's not because it wasn't wonderful, but because it was so relatable to me and super refreshing to read about someone so honestly talk about their experiences with depression.

If you'd like a light, feel-good non-fiction read, then pick this one up and you won't be disappointed.

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