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REVIEW: Swing Time

“Yes, sometimes it’s the strangers that sustain you.”


I also read this during my readathon and I was pleasantly surprised. I bought this because it was in Waterstones’ buy-one-get-one-half-price, an offer I know well, and it was all the rage. I’m always a little skeptical about books which live on their own bookshop table for so long because expectation rockets to levels almost unreachable. But I went in knowing nothing about this book except that people seemed to like it.

And I now belong to that very group. It’s lingered in my mind since, too. One of those books that grows on you even after you’ve stopped reading it. I’ll happily confess that it’s a book worthy of its praise.

I only have one main downside, and that’s that none of the characters are 100% likable. However, saying that, when do people fulfil that criteria in real life?

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