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REVIEW: The Brain: The Story of You

“Neurally speaking, who you are depends on where you’ve been. Your brain is a relentless shape-shifter, constantly rewriting its own circuitry”


I have to confess, this was an audiobook and I did zone out sometimes, but I liked what I paid attention to!

I decided to read this because I was so interested in neuroscience after reading A Mindfulness Guide to the Frazzled. I don’t know why we aren’t told more about the science of the brain and mental illness when someone is diagnosed because, for me, it really helped to appease my guilt at having depression.

I’ve never been a science person. I’ve always leant over to the humanities, plus we so often get told in school that you have to be one or the other, rather than enjoying both. So I disliked learning science, but as an adult, I’m fascinated. The brain is amazing. It pretty unbelievable that it can do what it does constantly, no wonder it has some flaws sometimes.

If I hadn’t already learnt a little about the brain from Ruby Wax’s book before reading this, I think I would have struggled to enjoy it without keeping absolutely focused. But it was pretty accessible for the lay-man like me; so much so, that I think I’ll look for other books about the Brain and science in the near future.

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