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REVIEW: The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher


The Clockwork Crow is a brilliantly told traditional children's story and I absolutely loved it. Aside from the fact that it's set in Wales(!), it was just a stunning tale of young orphan Seren who has been shipped off into the Welsh country to live with an unknown godfather. When she arrives, her adopted parents aren't there and the house is blanketed with sadness. She finds out that the boy who lived there, Tomas, has been missing for a year so she tries to rescue him.

It's a short book, but I like that about it. Sometimes we can forget that a short book can be just as enjoyable and powerful as a longer one. It's very nostalgic of fairytales and Fisher's descriptions are spot on and beautiful to read. I couldn't put it down. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that I felt there was one part of it which was slightly unresolved (I can't say without spoilers!) Aside from that, it was the perfect middle grade tale.

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