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REVIEW: The Doll Funeral

“We are what our families have made us. But sometimes you can escape that. You can close a door on it and walk into another room. This room is furnished differently. It’s all the things you choose yourself.”


I won this book in a Twitter competition and I am very glad I did. I confess, I didn’t know anything about it when I won it, I was just drawn in by the idea of a free book (I know, I’m a sucker). I put it ahead on my to-read list because I had the chance to read it before a lot of people, so I opened it up instead of plodding along with Sense and Sensibility (sorry Austen fans).

What was special about this book was that it breathed life. Despite the main character being able to see dead people… Ruby was real to me. I was praying for everything she wanted to happen, but alas, that is not what good writing is. I couldn’t put it down once I passed the half-way point, and I raced through the last 50 pages. Everything in the story felt perfectly weaved together.

There was just something about this story. I loved being swept up in it; a surefire solid fiction.

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