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REVIEW: The End We Start From

“How easily we have got used to it all, as though we knew what was coming all along,”


I was drawn to this book by its dystopian genre. I have a soft spot for this style, and as someone who’s very much aware of the impending damage that climate change presents, I have often considered how this would intersect with my desire to have children. Hunter tells the story of a mother and baby’s first year just as the country collapses due to flooding. But the premise did not live up to its promise.

I do love a good metaphor, especially powerful and poetic ones featured in The End We Start From, but there’s a limit. Overuse kills the impact and I felt that this book was ‘flooded’ with metaphors instead of substance. It felt like a diary, but not in a good way. I’m sure this style was obviously intentional, but I felt I was missing some desperately needed context and description. It was a real shame for me to be disappointed in this novel – I was so ready to love it.

I would still be tempted to read more from this author, but I would go in with lower expectations. At least it was an easy read, but not one I’d particularly recommend.

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