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REVIEW: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

"The birds here make the birds in England look like they're dressed for a job interview."


I enjoyed The Wolf Wilder, an earlier novel by Katherine Rundell, so I was looking forward to reading this for the first meeting of a new children's book club that I've set up at work (indie bookshop!) Plus, it's won lots of awards so I had high expectations...

Now for a children's book this is quite long. And to be honest, too long. The title refers to an actual explorer the children come across in the jungle who we don't meet until 180 or so pages in. Those 180 pages do not need to be that long. Especially, considering I felt that the children were fairly one-dimensional and didn't have much of a back story. A 400 page children's book shouldn't then be lacking something.

Having said that, the last couple of hundred pages were enjoyable and there were some really entertaining chapters and brilliant pieces of description. That being said, I'm quite surprised at how popular this book has been and honestly I feel there is a lot better out there in this age range.

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