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REVIEW: The Gracekeepers

“On the outside, grief was expressed in judders, faltering and unsure, but inside it felt as constant as breathing.”


I have to make it clear from the outset that this is the second time I’ve read this, and it’s my favourite new fiction book. I love the world that Kirsty Logan has weaved together to create this beautiful and enchanting story about a circus boat, a girl and her bear, and an outsider looking for forgiveness.

Despite my five star rating, it’s not perfect. I found some of the scenes hard to picture in my mind how she must have, but I just went with what I came up with. But this didn’t matter to me, if anything it made it more magical because it felt more personal and I felt a part of the story.

Sometimes, fiction books are great, but they don’t truly envoke the skill of storytelling. The Gracekeepers is the exact opposite. This is storytelling at it’s best, and if you like a complex set of characters set in a fantasy (but familiar) world, then hop off to the bookshop and pick up a copy of this.

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