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REVIEW: The Power

“The only wave that changes anything is a tsunami. You have to tear down the houses and destroy that land if you want to be sure no one will forget you.”


What. A. Book. This only didn’t get 5 stars because I’m trying to be stricter on my grading and I thought that it just didn’t make the cut. This book came to my attention because of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize (which it went on to win) but it’s the kind of dystopian novel I would go for anyway, especially with a hint of feminist activism!

Naomi Alderman should be really proud of this work and I would encourage most people to read it. The characters were great, but I think the slight lack of character depth took that 5th star away. Because it’s written through a few different stories, I didn’t feel the same connection with each character as I would have liked. But that way of writing was crucial to the story so I completely understand it.

It’s essentially an over-dramatised vision of what the world would be if the power shifted from men to women and it was a fascinating read. Loved the style, loved the morals, loved the novel.

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