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REVIEW: The Surface Breaks

“It is your father who has insisted on calling me a ‘witch’. That is simply a term that men give women who are not afraid of them, women who refuse to do as they are told.”


They say don't judge a book by its cover but... look at it. I knew this book was going to be super feminist and awesome and I wasn't wrong. She even managed to a get a bit of subtle mansplaining in!

The ending of this book is particularly fulfilling. Gaia, the protagonist, is just a badass but is still flawed like us all. You'll never get things right but as long as you do your best for the people you love you're on the right track.

Technically, this is a young adult novel but it's great for all, especially people who love the original story but find themselves feeling like a guilty feminist for doing so!

My only criticism is that occasionally it felt a little forced because she obviously wanted to include lots of aspects of sexism in the story. But this definitely didn't take away from the brilliance of it.

This was a really beautifully written book, a re-writing an old story for the modern world and I would definitely recommend it.

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