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REVIEW: The Wolf Wilder

“Feo grinned, and sniffed the sharpness of the air. ‘It’s the most talkative weather there is,’ she told Tenderfoot.”


This was a very sweet and enjoyable children’s book. As a wannabe writer, I’m making sure to soak up a lot of different age ranges and one of the best books I’ve read lately was a kids book (The Girl of Ink and Stars). But unfortunately, this one didn’t just quite wow me.

I would happily read this to my children but it didn’t translate very well for adult reading. I got a little bored midway through the book which I would purely put down to my age. It had beautiful moments of whimsy which I always love but was lacking substance for an older reader.

My favourite part was the setting. I adore snow which is why I chose the quote above. I just wanted to be whisked away into the snow-covered forest Feo was adventuring through with my own trusty wolves next to me to keep me warm.

I’ll definitely keep it on my shelf for future bedtime stories!

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