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REVIEW: What Would Boudicca Do?

Updated: Feb 16, 2019


Now let me just say first off that there were so many fantastic things about this book, including its diversity and inclusion and readability, but I gave it 3 stars because I did have a couple of issues.

At the beginning, I really enjoyed the tone of voice, but about halfway through it started to grate on me. Also, they assume a fair amount of times that you understand some of the abbreviations they use and don't actually explain them anywhere (thanks Google).

My other criticism is only that I've read better feminist non-fiction books and the histories of these women were kept very brief. I think potentially 30 women instead of 50 would have been better with the same length book.

That being said, it was very easy to pick up and read anytime. I like the way they linked women of old to our experience in the modern day and I'm sure there are so many people out there who would love this book.

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