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REVIEW: Women & Power: A Manifesto

“You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure.”


This book was so confusing for me! I really couldn’t decide how I felt about it. Look, from one side it was great. I love a book that can explain the ingrained patriarchy in our society, and there were moments of brilliance to it. It’s formed of two speeches made by Mary Beard so it’s not long, but I can imagine they were good lectures.

However, here’s the stick: it wreaked of white middle-class feminism. I can’t speak on behalf of other races but as a working-class woman who was one of the first in my family to go to University, it felt a bit elitist. I know she’s a professor and that’s what these lectures were all about, but the book doesn’t contribute to the intersectional feminist movement as I thought it might. Ultimately, for me, the message was fogged by this. There are better examples of feminist literature that don’t fall into these traps.

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